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The RayAsta Foundation was founded in memory of Raymond J. Astaphan, son of Jennifer & Reginald Astaphan. Raymond was a young promising Medical Student with a degree in neuroscience and psychology, pursuing a dream to become a Neurologist. He prematurely passed in a vehicular accident in 2015.

The RayAsta Foundation was established on August 13th, 2020. Its mission is to empower, inspire and help children and families through innovative approaches to education and health by restoring the hope and independence they deserve to improve their quality of life as functioning members of the community.

The Foundation will focus on science in schools previously attended by Raymond and will provide support to care, rehabilitation services, training, and education for persons in the community affected by Stroke by providing hope through compassion, transparency, and generosity.

We recognize that earning the trust and respect of the community is dependent on our commitment to these ideals and as such, the RayAsta Foundation will be presenting a Science Materials and Laboratory Experiments to The St. Mary’s Primary School (SMP) “in pursuit of excellence in science”. This equipment will enhance the laboratory and learning experience of students at the SMP.

The dedication of the Lab and handing over of the equipment in his memory will take place on January 9th, 2023 at the St. Mary’s Primary. In 2021 The RayAsta made a similar donation to the SMA.

Press is invited to attend this presentation and the continuation of many initiatives planned in Raymond’s memory. The event will be featured live on Facebook.

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