To empower, inspire and help children and families through innovative approaches to education and health by restoring the hope and independence they deserve to improve their quality of life as functioning members of the community.

The Vision

Providing hope through compassion, transparency, and generosity.


Stroke care services

At the RayAsta Foundation, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive stroke care services. Our initiatives range from educating the public about stroke prevention to supporting stroke survivors and their families through our rehabilitation and recovery programs. We also offer emotional support and caregiver training.

For information about the foundation, call 767-448-0571 / 767-277-6233 / 767-275-6780 / 954-762-7403, email info@rayastafoundation.org

Stroke Rehabilitation

The RayAstA Foundation’s stroke rehabilitation program aims to help individuals who have suffered from strokes to regain lost function and independence. Through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other specialized care, the program provides critical support for stroke survivors on their road to recovery.

Collaborative & Advocacy Programs

Collaborative and advocacy programs are essential for the RayAstA Foundation to promote human rights, social justice, and sustainable development. By working with others, the foundation can leverage resources and expertise to create effective solutions to challenges, and through advocacy, they can raise awareness and promote systemic change.

Health Education

Health education is crucial for the RayAstA Foundation to promote well-being in Dominica and the Caribbean. By providing resources and education on disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, and mental health, they empower individuals to make informed health decisions and improve their quality of life.
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