RayAsta Foundation Unveils Second Caregiver Training Course to Advance Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

Roseau, DOMINICA – Building on the success of its inaugural “Caregiver’s Training Course” program, the RayAsta Foundation is excited to announce the launch of its second caregiver training course focused on stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Developed in collaboration with the Dominica State College and a team of seasoned professionals, this certified program continues the Foundation’s commitment to empowering caregivers, family members, community health aides, and individuals seeking expertise in stroke patient care.

Cecilia St. Hilaire, Executive Director for the RayAsta Foundation, emphasizes the significance of continuing this training initiative: “Stoke is prevalent in Dominica.  Timing and quality after care is critical to the patient’s full recovery.  We at the RayAsta Foundation are committed to changing the landscape in Dominica will impacting positively on those affected by stroke.”

Well-trained caregivers and community health aides play a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive care for stroke patients, resulting in better outcomes and an enhanced overall quality of life. Moreover, the program contributes to alleviating the strain on healthcare systems and extends access to care in underserved areas.

The second training program is scheduled to commence on April 8th at 5 pm, hosted at the Dominica State College in classroom BC 10, Upper Campus. Registration for the course is $250.00, and interested participants can register through the RAYASTA Foundation’s Office (17 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau, Tel 767-448-0571) or online via the link http://bit.ly/3vzeoId. Early registration is encouraged, and all individuals aged 18-65 are invited to participate.

The RayAsta Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to deliver comprehensive education on stroke prevention and rehabilitation, ensuring universal access to top-quality care. Prospective attendees are urged to join this transformative training session, contributing to the Foundation’s ongoing efforts in creating a positive impact.

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