Closing Ceremony Marks Successful Completion of THE RAYASTA CAREGIVER STROKE TRAINING
The RayAsta Foundation is thrilled to announce the upcoming Closing Ceremony for the Care Giver Stroke Training program, which celebrates the outstanding achievements of its dedicated students. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 20th at 7:30pm at the Dominica State College, Room BC10 and it promises to be a momentous event that highlights the hard work and commitment of participants.

The RayAsta Care Giver training for Stroke was conducted in collaboration with the Dominica State College program, a 10 weeklong intensive course, has equipped its students with essential skills and knowledge to excel in caring for stroke patients. Throughout the duration of the course, students have demonstrated exceptional dedication and a thirst for knowledge, making the Closing Ceremony an opportunity to commend their achievements.

Key highlights of the Closing Ceremony include:

  1. Certificate Presentation: Students will be awarded their certificates, symbolizing their successful completion of the program and their readiness to apply their newfound expertise in their careers.
  2. Guest Speaker: Mrs. Jennifer Astaphan – Chairman of the RayAsta Foundation, known for their contributions and accomplishments in health, will inspire and motivate the graduating students with their words of wisdom.  Dr. Donald Peters – President of the Dominica State College will present the certificates.

This event is not only a celebration of individual successes but also a testament to the commitment of the RayAsta Foundation in providing quality training and professional development opportunities for care givers.

For media inquiries or additional information about the Closing Ceremony, please contact Cecilia St Hilaire at 277-6233 or email cecilia@rayastafoundation.org.

We invite the media community to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our dedicated students at the Closing Ceremony. Their hard work and determination have brought them to this milestone, and we are proud to support them as they move forward in their careers.

“Training caregivers and community health aids on stroke rehabilitation and recovery will benefit stroke patients and their families significantly,” says Cecilia St Hilaire, CEO for the RayAsta Foundation. By having a well-trained staff of caregivers and community health aides, stroke patients can receive more comprehensive care, leading to improved outcomes and a better overall quality of life. Additionally, having trained caregivers and community health aides helps reduce the burden on healthcare systems while providing access to care for underserved areas.

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The RayAsta Foundation was founded in memory of Raymond Astaphan, son of Jennifer and Reginald Astaphan.  Raymond was a young promising Medical Student at Ross University with a degree in neuroscience and psychology, pursuing a dream to become a Neurologist.  He prematurely passed in a vehicular accident in 2015.  The Foundation was established in Dominica on August 13th, 2020 and is a registered Non-Profit organization.

For information about the foundation, call 767-448-0571 / 767-277-6233 / 767-275-6780 / 954-762-7403, email info@rayastafoundation.org, or visit www.rayastafoundation.org.

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