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The RayAsta Foundation was founded in memory of Raymond J. Astaphan, son of Jennifer & Reginald Astaphan. Raymond was a young promising Medical Student with a degree in neuroscience and psychology, pursuing a dream to become a Neurologist. He prematurely passed in a vehicular accident in on May 29th, 2015.

Established August 13th, 2020 the Foundation will focus on Stroke Care; rehabilitation services, training, advocacy and education for persons affected by Stroke by creating hope through compassion, transparency, and generosity for persons in the community affected by Stroke.

We recognize that earning the trust and respect of the community is dependent on our commitment to these ideals. We are especially pleased to announce the partnership with the Dominica China Friendship Hospital through the creation of special stroke committee who will lead the transformation of Stroke Care through the following guiding principals:


  • Public Education and Sensitization
  • Development of Clinical Protocols – Paramedics, Emergency Room, Specialized Stroke Care Unit
  • Staff Training – Ambulance, Emergency Room, Specialized Unit
  • Stroke Center – Dedicated Stroke Unit with Rehabilitation facilities
  • Home Care – Care Giver and Supervisor Training.

Several initiatives are being planned starting May 29th as we remember Raymond. These upcoming initiatives will be centered around Stroke Awareness, Stroke Care and Stroke Prevention. The RayAsta Stroke Care Giver training manual has been developed for practitioners and family members caring for stroke patients. It will be a certificate course implemented in partnership with the Dominica State College. A panel discussion will be aired live on DBS on Wednesday, May 25th at 7pm and on Q95 and Kairi on Monday May 30th, 2022 at 4:30pm.

Topics will include:

  • A little about the RayAsta Initiative
  • What is a stroke
    • Clinical Presentation
  • Causes of Stroke
  • Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Smoking
  • Risk Factors of Stroke
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Treatment for Stroke
  • Outcomes/Rehabilitation
  • Testimonial/Surviving a Stroke

Cecilia St Hilaire, CEO of the RayAsta Foundation stated “the statistics of stroke in Dominica is alarming. “There are two (2) stroke patients admitted to the Dominica China Friendship Hospital weekly. This is alarmingly high”. Full recovery outcomes for these patients are limited at best because:The public does not recognize the symptoms of stroke

  • Understand the importance of early detection, diagnosis and treatment
  • Understand the disease and how it affects patients
  • Understand the importance of prevention, care and full recovery
  • Understand the importance of prevention, care and full recovery

The campaign is designed to sensitize the population on all aspects of stroke and stroke care in an effort to:

  • Reduce the incidents of strokes
  • Sensitize the public on the signs of stroke
  • Sensitize the public on healthy lifestyle to prevent or minimize stroke
  • Improve the outcomes for full recovery for stroke patients

The expert panelists will comprise medical doctors, a physical therapist, a nutritionist, a senior nurse, recovering stroke patients (testimonials), a nutritionist moderated by Senior Hospital officials.

A Health Fair theme “A Race to Wellness” is being planned to culminate a week of activities. The fair will be held on Saturday, June 4th, 2022, in Roseau along All Saints University from 8AM to Noon in partnership with the Primary Health Care Unit and other private sector partners. Medical personnel will be available to speak to persons on matters relating to their health, diet, and emotional wellbeing. Blood pressure checks and diabetes checks will be undertaken. Special aides such as large grip feeding utensils and other special tools for stroke patients will be available for sale in support of the work ahead. This is an opportune time for press to interview the Dominican people on Stroke issues.

All events will be featured live on Facebook.

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